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About the Circle

Department of Social Services; It is a governmental institution affiliated to the Government of the Emirate of Sharjah, and was established on August 1984, 22 AD, but its actual appearance dates back to November 1995, XNUMX AD, after the issuance of the Emiri Decree by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Federal Supreme Council - Ruler of the Emirate Sharjah - may God protect and protect him, under which it became part of the service institutions of the Government of Sharjah, and an essential supporter of its efforts in the societal and humanitarian field.

Where the department is concerned with establishing social care homes, providing home care services, protection services for the weak, providing social support, rehabilitation for needy groups, preparing and implementing social studies and research. To provide quality services for those in special circumstances that require social protection, such as abused mothers, children of inmates of penal and correctional institutions, mental and mental patients, people with emergency crises, and other groups of society with its citizens and residents, all of whom are covered by the umbrella of social services.

The department seeks to promote a society that enjoys prosperity, security, family stability and social inclusion in accordance with the best social practices in line with the goals of sustainable development. The department, through its mission, looks forward to; To provide curative, preventive and developmental social services in the field of security, care, protection and rehabilitation for individuals, families and groups with special social conditions, study social problems to find solutions and support decision-making in order to contribute to the sustainable development process of the society of the Emirate of Sharjah.

Circle Strategy

Vision: Towards a society that enjoys prosperity, security, family stability and social inclusion

the message: Providing curative, preventive and developmental social services in the field of security, care, protection and rehabilitation for individuals, families and groups with special social conditions, studying social problems to find solutions and supporting decision-making in order to contribute to the sustainable development process of the Sharjah community.


  • (Justice): We work to provide care and social protection in an equal and fair manner to reach social welfare for all.
  • (Proactive): We take proactive steps that respond to change and development
  • (Sustainability): We apply the concept of sustainability to enhance the quality of life


  1. A society that enjoys well-being, decent living and an integrated quality of life.
  2. Upscale social care according to best practices.
  3. Vulnerable individuals and families are safe and enjoy their rights.
  4. A cohesive society that is aware of social responsibility.
  5. An advanced, distinguished performance that achieves excellence in social services.

The department's terms of reference

Taking into account relevant federal and local legislation, in order to achieve its objectives, the Department shall exercise the following powers:

    First: General specializations:

  • 1. Drawing up general policies and developing strategic plans for the department in the emirate and presenting them to the Council to decide what it deems appropriate regarding them.
  • 2. Proposing the necessary legislation and regulations related to the department’s work and presenting them to the Council to decide what it deems appropriate regarding them.
  • 3. Seeking the assistance of experts, consultants, and think tanks in everything related to the department’s work. It is permissible to seek assistance from the concerned authorities to obtain administrative and technical support, and to cooperate with other parties on topics that fall within the department’s objectives and competencies.
  • 4. Concluding contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding and partnerships after their approval by the Council.
  • 5. Representing the emirate in local, regional and international conferences, seminars and meetings related to social affairs in order to achieve social development and enhance the emirate’s position globally.
  • 6. Any other powers assigned to the department by the Governor or the Council.

  • Second: Specializations related to social care and protection:

  • 1. Providing support, subsidies and social assistance to those entitled to it in accordance with the approved rules, regulations and procedures.
  • 2. Providing day and home care services for the elderly and special groups, and accompanying activities that suit their needs.
  • 3. Supervising everything related to those who have lost social care and making appropriate decisions regarding their care, securing their rights, and representing them legally.
  • 4. Managing and supervising the social care homes and shelters for people without social care affiliated with the department.
  • 5. Implementing judicial rulings issued regarding the regulation of family and parental relations that are assigned to the department and are within its jurisdiction.

  • Third: Specializations related to community cohesion and social work development:

  • 1. Regulating the social sector in the emirate, including the activities, professions, services and sectors carried out by public, private, for-profit and non-profit entities.
  • 2. Organizing and supervising the affairs of public benefit associations and institutions in the emirate in coordination with the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • 3. Developing, qualifying and licensing workers in the field of social services in the emirate in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • 4. Enhancing social awareness among community members by consolidating social knowledge and values ​​and enabling them to integrate socially and acquire prevention and protection skills.
  • 5. Organizing, developing and supervising volunteer work in the emirate.
  • 6. Conduct social research and studies and prepare and analyze statistics, reports and scientific publications in the social field that enhance societal and creative outcomes that have a positive impact on society in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • 7. Research and study any problems related to social work and submit the necessary proposals and recommendations regarding them to the governor or the council.

Welfare and social protection

Community Service

societal cohesion

It was established in 2016 under the name of the Volunteer Center and then changed the name to the Department of Community Cohesion in 2019. The Department aims to contribute to achieving social solidarity and community cohesion in the Emirate of Sharjah, where the Department undertakes the task of organizing volunteer work and spreading its culture among community members and institutions, in addition to offering responsibility programs societal Volunteer Services: Attracting and registering volunteers: registering volunteers through the department’s electronic platform, and managing their affairs and membership of the center, in a professional manner. To register, click here Training and qualifying volunteers: Refining the skills of volunteers through training programs and workshops that qualify them to carry out volunteer work. Managing the electronic volunteering platform: by launching volunteer opportunities implemented by the department or other bodies, monitoring volunteer hours and sending their certificates electronically. To view available volunteer opportunities, click here Awareness and education of volunteering: Providing awareness, education and support to those who offer volunteer opportunities and spreading the culture of volunteering in an organized manner Social Responsibility Services: Introducing social responsibility projects and programs that achieve communication and community interaction between the community and its members. Social marketing for social responsibility projects and programs by working on attracting supporters and providing them with feedback on their contributions.



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elderly home

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Children's Social Care Home

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Child and Family Protection Center

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Al-Rushd Oasis

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Seniors Services Center

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Women Protection Center

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Safety House

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Al Dhaid Branch

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Al-Madam Branch

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Bataeh Branch

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Hamriyah Branch

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Kalba branch

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Khorfakkan branch

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Dibba Al-Hisn Branch

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Community Service - Social Education

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Community Service - Social License

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Community Service - Sharjah Volunteer Center

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production center

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Maliha branch

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Palace Service Center

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