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Safety House

The house was established in 2008 to care for the children of prisoners and their families by providing them with residential care and home preventive services for the prisoners' families, according to the following:



Informing infants from the children of female inmates of correctional and penal facilities in Sharjah with a natural environment that contributes to developing their sensory and cognitive skills, providing their living needs, and securing their rights of health, identity papers and the right to breastfeeding until the end of the mother’s sentence.


Two Sharjah consultant committees review the services of Dar Al-Aman

The Family Affairs Committee and the Health Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs Committee of the Advisory Council reviewed the services provided to the home’s residents and the social, humanitarian and medical support provided to them, with the aim of preserving them within a healthy and safe social environment.

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23 rehabilitation programs for the "punitive" inmates, implemented by "Sharjah Social" and its partners

The Safety House of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, in cooperation with the Department of the Punitive and Correctional Institution of the Sharjah Police, revealed the implementation of a series of training and rehabilitation programs for the benefit of the inmates of the Punitive and Correctional Institution. The programs implemented during the year 2021 AD

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"Dar Al-Aman" provided 7902 health and living services to the children of female inmates last April

Fatima Ismail, director of Dar Al-Aman, said that the administration of the house is working on developing programs that achieve its goals, such as strengthening the societal and humanitarian role to preserve the child, as 7902 services were provided last April, including health and living ones, and all aspects of care were provided for the children of the inmates and their care was temporarily provided.

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