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Children's Social Care Home

The Social Welfare House for Children was established in 2006 AD to temporarily house children who lack social care until their family conditions improve, or embrace them in alternative families.



Accommodating children who lack social care by providing them with living, educational and social services, securing their rights to health and proof papers, and securing alternative families or re-educating their integration into their natural families, if any.

Adolescent Affairs

Integrating young men and women of unknown parentage into society who have reached (18) years, with a set of possibilities such as employment, marriage, completion of education and mechanisms for independent living.

Family integration

Securing the right of family integration into alternative families for children of unknown parentage by selecting families suitable for children and following up on ensuring the safety of incubation through specialized teams.


The "Children's Welfare House" in the "Sharjah Social" organization organizes a friendly match for the members and employees of the department

Within the framework of the Sharjah Social Services Department's keenness to provide a family atmosphere for the members of its care homes, the Children's Social Care Home organized a friendly match for its members aged 10-16 years, with the participation of employees from the department, in the Social Care Homes complex.

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Minors without welfare enjoyed a dignified life under trusted guardians

The Minors Affairs Services Center of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah is an addition to the list of services provided by the department in order to empower families and preserve the rights of their members from young to old. The center, which was established in 2020, after the issuance of the Social Welfare Law

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"Senior Citizens" at "Sharjah Social" hosted by "Al Hosn"

The Elderly Care Home in the Department of Social Services in Sharjah organized a recreational trip for senior citizens residing in the home to the Al Hosn Museum in Sharjah, on Thursday morning, in which a group of senior citizens, ranging in age from 60-80 years, participated.

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