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Nursing Home

It was established in 1986 AD, to house the elderly and those without social care, who are over the age of sixty years, and do not find anyone to take care of them and cannot manage their own affairs. The house also provides physiotherapy services to rehabilitate and enhance the capabilities of the locomotor system for injured patients through :



The house works to create the living environment for its residents and meet their physiological, social and health needs to reach them to the highest levels of social adaptation and self-realization through recreational programs and activities. The house also works to secure their rights, provide protection for them, manage their financial affairs, and reintegrate them In their natural families, if any, the house guarantees the provision of all health services such as medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, nutrition and others.


"Sharjah Social" implements recreational trips for 184 elderly people

As part of its celebrations of the International Elderly Day, which the world celebrates on the first of October of each year, the Department of Social Services in Sharjah organized a program full of recreational trips for senior beneficiaries and registered citizens at the department level, with the aim of spreading happiness in them.

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