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societal cohesion

Established in 2016 under the name of the volunteer center, then the name is amended to the Department of Community Cohesion in 2019, and the department aims to contribute to achieving social solidarity and social cohesion in the Emirate of Sharjah, where the administration is responsible for organizing volunteer work and spreading its culture among members of society and its institutions, in addition to offering responsibility programs Societal

Volunteer services:

  • Recruitment and registration of volunteers: Registration of volunteers via the electronic circuit platform, and managing their affairs and membership of the center, in a professional manner. to sign up Press here
  • Volunteer training and qualification: Refine the skills of volunteers with programs and training workshops that qualify them to carry out volunteer work.
  • Managing the electronic volunteering platform: by launching voluntary opportunities implemented by the department or other parties, monitoring volunteer hours for volunteers and sending their certificates electronically. To see available volunteer opportunities Click here
  • Outreach and education in volunteer work: To provide awareness, education and support to those who seek volunteer opportunities and to spread the culture of volunteer work in an organized manner

Social responsibility services:

  • Introduce social responsibility projects and programs that achieve community communication and interaction between society and its members.
  • Social marketing of social responsibility projects and programs by working to attract supporters and provide them with feedback about their contributions.



Participation of "Sharjah Social" in the fourth volunteer work forum

The Department of Social Services, represented by the Sharjah Center for Voluntary Work, participated in the activities of the (fourth) Volunteer Work Forum, under the slogan "Sustainability of Volunteering", organized by the Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work, at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park. The department's participation included a trade show

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A cooperation agreement between "Sharjah Social" and "University Horizons" for students' participation in volunteer opportunities

The Department of Social Services in Sharjah signed an agreement of understanding with Horizon University College, and the agreement was signed by Hessa Al Hammadi, Director of the Social Cohesion Department in Sharjah, and Dr. Muhammad Hassan Nairat, President of the College. This agreement comes to expand the scope of volunteer work in Sharjah by

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"Sharjah Social" has received more than 1000 volunteer requests to contribute to the "Bridges of Good" campaign.

The Sharjah Center for Voluntary Work received more than 1000 requests for volunteers on the Sharjah Volunteer Work Platform affiliated with the Center in the Department of Social Services, in order to participate in the "Bridges of Good" campaign, which is organized by the Sharjah Charity Association and the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, in the Al-Nakh Oasis.

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“Volunteer Forum 2” in “Sharjah Social”: Volunteers’ participation in community activities raises rates of happiness and quality of life

Participants in the Second Volunteering Forum stressed the need to pay attention to establishing a culture of volunteering in society and empowering those wishing to volunteer with experience, knowledge and training, which would facilitate them to provide services at the best levels and in the interest of society and individuals. They also called for the necessity of having a second and third team.

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