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Production center

The Production Center was established in 2009, to work to raise the economic level of the families benefiting from social benefits and the members of shelters by empowering them with home production and offering competitive products and services through: Rehabilitation and training of families or one of their members benefiting from social benefits and members of shelters in The circuit on home production. Providing opportunities to market the products and services of beneficiaries through exhibitions, partnerships, agreements and distribution outlets. Improving the level of products to raise their competitiveness to meet the needs of the local market. Offering competitive quality products and services bearing the Entaj brand.



Launching a mobile shopping car that meets your requests while you are in your place to display the desired products to the customer

The Department of Social Services in Sharjah launched the "mobile shopping" service through a mobile vehicle, which is a new service added to its balance of services provided for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the production center, as the service facilitates the purchasing operations of the center and the public, by calling directly on the number 0563987

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"Entaj" online store attracts 129048 viewers

The online store of the “Entaj” center of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah is a window for about 88 women and families who own home production projects, members of the “Entaj” center who have obtained the commercial license “Etimad” from the Economic Department in Sharjah, to display their products and

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