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Social assistance

The Social Assistance Department was established in 1984 AD, and it is specialized in the following: Providing support and social assistance to those who deserve it in various groups such as widows, orphans, the elderly, without income, the handicapped and others, according to the regulations and controls issued by the Executive Council of the Emirate.


- Social Studies :

Carrying out social studies for the advanced cases requesting social assistance and those with social circumstances, and presenting the specialized opinion and recommendations thereon.

Case management:

Ensuring the provision of social support and assistance to those who deserve it in various categories, such as widows, orphans, the elderly, the stateless, the disabled, and others, in accordance with the regulations and controls issued by the Emirate’s Executive Council. And provide social recovery services for the afflicted by relief and urgent and urgent intervention by providing temporary accommodation, clothes and foodstuffs, and coordinating services and benefits with the competent authorities. In addition to coordinating the service of obtaining health insurance to receive treatment at the university hospital for beneficiaries of social benefits.

Sanad Card:

Providing services related to Sanad bank card for beneficiaries of social assistance and obtaining related benefits from various community institutions participating in Tadamon


406 million dirhams for 9661 beneficiaries of social assistance in 2021

The Executive Council reviewed the annual report of the Department of Social Services for the year 2021 AD, and the report dealt with the various achievements and services provided by the Department to the various target groups, where the number of beneficiaries of social assistance reached 9661 beneficiaries for a total amount of assistance amounting to

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Sharjah Social Society organizes interviews for the "Tamkeen" initiative for social security beneficiaries in cooperation with Sharjah Police

In cooperation with the Sharjah Police General Headquarters; The Department of Social Services in Sharjah organized interviews dedicated to social security beneficiaries within the "Tamkeen" initiative launched by the Department to employ the department's beneficiaries with a cooperative contract under the name "Tamkeen Initiative", and the interviews were conducted

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Sharjah Social Council grants 9764 "Sanad" bank cards

Alia Al Zaabi, Director of the Social Aid Department, in the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, revealed that the department granted 9764 "Sanad" bank cards to beneficiaries of social assistance for cases registered with it during the first quarter of this year, as these cards were distributed

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