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Home Care

It was established in 2003 to provide social, health, psychological and rehabilitation services for the elderly and the disabled in their homes with the aim of providing the necessary care to develop and stabilize their abilities. Qualifying and supporting the caregivers, in addition to providing them with appropriate day services through:


Mobile units

Providing a package of health, social and psychological services in line with their needs through work teams of specialists.

Supportive services

Offering rehabilitation programs and training for those in charge of the methods and means of care and health care to ensure their health stability, providing home nursing service (Rahma), special transport services for bedridden and providing medical needs for people with limited income

Originality clubs

It was established in 2009 to provide daytime social, health and recreational services for the elderly to achieve social integration through a vital program and activities that ensure their interaction with the community and its members.


A team of dentists giving check-ups to the elderly in a nursing home

The Elderly Nursing Home in Sharjah received a medical team from the Specialized Dental Center in Sharjah, where the center provided comprehensive oral and dental health checks for the members of the home, whose ages range from 60 years and over. On the way, Maryam Al-Qatari, the director of the home, said that the visit comes

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