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Child and family protection

Procedures to secure the rights of children have started since 1984 by providing alternative families for children who lack social welfare and following up the extraction of their identification documents. Protection services are provided through:


Radiance center

Providing specialized support to sexually abused children during evaluation and providing consultations and rehabilitation programs with a view to eradicating the impact of child sexual abuse or harassment, and addressing deviant sexual orientation among children.

Help line

It was established in 2007 to receive reports related to children exposed to risks and attacks of all kinds, such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, neglect, commercial exploitation and dealing with it through a specialized team working on eliminating the danger to the child.

Family meeting

Established in 2010 to secure the right of the child to see his parents safely and provide an appropriate environment in implementation of the provisions of the vision in order to achieve a secure and civilized separation that helps children to social and psychological stability and provide guidance to families to conclude parental relationship agreements for proper planning of the parental relationship with children after separation.

Child support

Securing the rights of children that are not insured, such as documents of proof, education, health and legal representation of the child, and ensuring the proper implementation of the provisions related to children issued by the competent court regarding their rights.


2458 services for the beneficiaries of the “Outside Vision” system from March 2020 until May 2021

In the context of achieving a safe vision, the Department of Social Services in Sharjah has developed a new system regarding the implementation of the vision of the children in line with the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic, under the name “The external vision is safety and stability” in order to ensure the continuation of seeing children safely by their families.

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