The Department of Social Education in the Department of Social Services in Sharjah is keen to qualify psychological, social and legal counselors and doctors, through workshops, courses and other conferences that aim to refine and quality the experience of the psychological counselor. This concern comes from the Department because the profession of psychological, social, legal and health consultant requires specifications and skills Several tools are used to gain the confidence of the counsellor, and professional experience is the basis for the success of the counselor in dealing with the situation, while we find the new practitioner facing difficulty in communicating and solving the problem in a short time. Global fluctuations Maryam Al-Qusayr, Director of the Department of Social Education in the Department of Social Services, explains the skills that are available in the management team and required by the profession of psychological or social counsellor, and the fluctuations that occurred in this profession from the reality of her field experience, saying, that the tasks of the psychological or social counselor require primarily Mastering family counseling in a way that guarantees outputs at all age levels, which means that he is able to provide counseling for all age groups, and this is acquired by studying first, and training second, and the skill of understanding marital rights and treating family problems comes second, followed by the skill of knowing how to build trust with the counselor (the counseling student ), focusing on the problem, the skill of listening to the other party, and ways to end the consultative interview. Al-Qusair believes that the issue of understanding the problem and the correct diagnosis through the narration of the problem and recording and collecting information through it about the situation is one of the main tasks of the counsellors. electronic and formulated in a clear and understandable manner. The difference is in the consultations, and she pointed out that the department receives consultations through the toll-free line 800700, and if it is required to provide a scheduled consultation directly, i.e. face to face, the interview times are set in some cases if necessary, and therefore the method differs between them, and to complete the guiding process in a positive and more lively manner, no Our guide must be familiar with the modern guidance theories, which differed from the old theories, the names developed and the problems faced by societies between yesterday and today, so new addresses appeared that did not exist previously. Psychological and societal counseling has become an urgent necessity, especially with regard to marital and family problems, due to the development, progress and change in societies. It is necessary to know the new intruders in the family and their influence on it. The interference of some family members between spouses may exacerbate problems, in addition to external influences and intruders, especially smart technology, which is one of the most prominent suspects in marital and family quarrels. Government efforts, and Maryam Al-Qusair followed suit by saying, based on all of what was mentioned, the individual is no longer ashamed to seek advice from specialists, especially from government advisors, i.e. those who work in relevant government agencies. Because they are convinced of the importance of the role played by the counsellor, in addition to another important thing, which is that the counseling in the Department of Social Education is free of charge, and not as in the private centers, knowing that many people do not know that the state has provided counseling for free because they are convinced of the science of psychological, social, legal and health counseling and the role of counseling. Specialized advisors and her trust in government advisors and their expertise in understanding and addressing social problems. Therefore, it has set up free lines for consultations to cover the area of ​​the country, which provides its services free of charge around the clock, while our consultants have experience in the consulting affairs of at least ten years, and they have high experience and extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, which makes them determine from the beginning what information they need? And why do they need it? And how will they benefit from them in the process of understanding the advisor’s problem? It is then identified and diagnosed proper diagnosis.