The Department of Social Services in Sharjah, represented by its Department of Social Education, seeks to protect children from negative exposure to social networks, through awareness and educational programs directed to children and families. Maryam Al-Qaseer, Director of the Department of Social Education, said that protecting children from the dangers of social networks has become a matter that worries everyone, including families, and institutions concerned with children, stressing that social media has a great impact on raising children and directing their behavior in the wrong direction, especially in light of the challenges facing children. Families face and the pros and cons of social media that impose themselves strongly as a double-edged sword that can have a positive side and a negative side, which makes it imperative that there be family control for parents whose role is based in the process of rehabilitating and controlling children’s use of social media, guiding them towards values ​​and strengthening their self-censorship With activating the language of dialogue and controlling the time available to follow up on these means in order to prevent their misuse, which ultimately exposes them to making mistakes. Al-Qusair enumerated the warnings and advice to be followed to provide protection for children, the most prominent of which are; Not sharing personal information, not using the logic of force and violence in education, promoting awareness and family ties, and instilling religious values ​​and morals. She stressed the need for children to befriend and break down barriers to provide trust between the two parties, as well as to participate with children in the implementation of activities, and their participation in a group of social communication "groups", as well as working to fill their void through a clear, real and strong role to create a kind of balance, in addition to frankness with parents in the event of The occurrence of a problem, and the importance of parents being a good role model for their children, explaining that activating the role of family supervision over children, whether they are children or adolescents. Noting that the Department of Social Education in the Department of Social Services in Sharjah provides a range of educational programs for all segments of society. Focusing on building intellect and awareness among children, young people and adolescents at the stage of personality formation and awareness of the reality of the department's primary responsibility in supporting the building of a positive and conscious Emirati personality.