The Department of Social Services in Sharjah seeks to provide programs that serve the family and community cohesion and cohesion for individuals, families and institutions, and to consolidate them in the Emirati society, especially in light of the changes that have befallen the entire world and not only at the level of the Emirates, because of its impact on people and society. Therefore, the department focuses on the importance and role of social education in shaping new visions that keep pace with changes and developments, while at the same time keen to preserve the Emirati identity, culture and heritage, social variables. The past months were 1142, and the number of participants reached 31082 people of all age groups. She said that the social change that occurred not only at the level of the Emirates, but at the world level, has produced many social variables, foremost of which is the transformation of extended families into nuclear families, which resulted in many social problems that did not exist in the "initial" time, and unfortunately, we see Today, a generation does not know who their relatives are and what the kinship relationship is between them, and we want to restore the link between family members as it was in the past, after many people neglected it, and after it was present in all homes, or with the head of the family who knew his grandchildren with it, In addition to visiting our patients and retrieving the habits of “visiting” and “lack” which is one of the old habits that were popular in the month of Ramadan and means the exchange of foods and gifts between individuals, families and families. family members. Al-Qusair stresses on following the provision of targeted developmental awareness programs with proactive steps before the problem occurs to achieve a high-quality knowledge culture and to achieve family stability and social well-being in the Emirate of Sharjah. Young people in isolation. Al-Qusair goes on to say that all these habits and others have become absent from the dictionary of today's generation, which is distracted by electronic games and watching social networking sites, which have become an alternative to caring for his family and communicating with its members, and today's generation is living in isolation from its surroundings that are shrinking day by day, especially After the son became residing in his own house after marriage and not in the family home as we were in the past, even if marital problems - which come first in the problems that we receive in the administration - occur between him and his wife, there is no one to solve them from the relatives at the time, so it grows up It grows and becomes a crisis. Awareness and Guidance The Department of Social Education works to provide social awareness and training programs for the community in all its forms, as well as providing family, telephone, social, psychological, legal and international health counseling around the clock, since 2016 until today, and it addresses all segments of society and all age stages. The department is contacted by e-mail or the toll-free number 800700, which operates 24 hours a day. The Department provides a team of trained educators and experts in field work in providing educational programs in the Social Awareness Department, and in the Family Counseling Center, as well as a trained team and experts in working with cases according to the specialization: social, psychological, legal or medical.