Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh / Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairman of the Executive Council; The activities of the Social Work Conference were launched in its eleventh edition, organized by the Department of Social Services in Sharjah; The conference discussed social capital and its impact on social development. Through the online platform (Zoom platform) in addition to live broadcasting via the department's account on social networks. The participants discussed 8 scientific papers, which included 4 main themes, namely: "Community integration and cohesion in support of social capital", "achieving societal empowerment for children and the disabled", "social capital and empowerment" and "community participation policies in the fifties." Stand on the latest visions and theses .. Jassim Muhammad Al Hammadi, Director of Knowledge Management, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, confirmed that the Social Work Conference; One of the most important scientific events organized by the Social Services Department on an annual basis to find the latest theses and visions that address the various aspects of social services, as it hosts the best experts and specialists locally and globally, which made the conference an essential resource that mixes scientific and professional knowledge in the field of social work. This conference came in its current version. To highlight the exchange of scientific experiences in the concept of social capital and enhance the impact of its investment and methods of interest in the field of work and social development, as well as to identify future social institutions and how to manage them, and ways to develop a career in the social service in the future. The UAE is a global model for cordoning off Corona. Prof. Faker Gharaibeh, Professor at the University of Sharjah, began; His scientific paper titled: "Investing social capital in the field of crises, the UAE model in facing Covid 19," stressing that holding such conferences and other scientific events that are organized at the level of the United Arab Emirates during this period; It is a clear evidence of the ability of the state and its various institutions to successfully confront and manage crises, especially as the world is experiencing a real crisis linked to anxiety and tension. Faker touched alienation; That the Emirati model to meet the challenges of Covid 19 is one of the successful models in the global response to the virus; Where the state has made use of a number of mechanisms to confront this crisis and manage it smoothly, starting with the rapid response and investing the time taken by the government and its various agencies, in addition to international cooperation and coordination, creativity and innovation in crisis management, and community partnership, headed by volunteer work, where the community is directly involved in encircling The crisis, in addition to simplifying the procedures and solutions, providing assistance and relief to the needy internally and externally, all these mechanisms put together by the Emirates harmoniously in the success of its management of the crisis. Youth and citizenship .. In his presentation of his paper; Dr. Ali Obaid Al-Zaabi ate; The researcher and specialist in human and social studies, the role of youth as a basic social resource in promoting the values ​​of citizenship and the system of societal values, indicating that the youth segment in any society is one of the most important societal groups, and from here it emerges that the UAE with its great focus on young people through the establishment of centers and bodies Clubs, councils and other mechanisms provided by the state for the benefit of preparing the youth and training them in the national and knowledge formation. Explain the zaabi; The responsibilities placed on young people and the expected effective contribution and positive fruitful participation towards the homeland and humanity in order to promote the values ​​of citizenship and belonging, making proposals that enable young people to carry out their human duties in the desired manner, which includes the need to involve young people themselves in the process of scientific research and scientific discussions, and the development of sense Al-Watani, in addition to encouraging societal initiatives that are concerned with activating the inclusion of youth in society and working to enable them to participate positively towards addressing local, regional and global challenges, especially dialogue in national issues, as this has a positive impact on belonging and true citizenship in the national and human dimensions. Fragility to entertain in children and for its part; Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Sadhan, Director of the Tthameer Center for Development and Family Counseling, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in his scientific paper dealing with "child development and protection as a pillar of social capital", touching on the entertainment aspects of children, warning at the same time; Of children's entertainment in an exaggerated manner on electronic applications and games, especially in light of the current crisis that imposed the presence of children at home, indicating that the download rate of electronic games applications for children increased by 33% compared to the same period last year, in addition to the physical spending on electronic games Which increased during the month of March of this year by 35% .. And the price of the director of the Thameer Center for Development and Family Consulting in Saudi Arabia; The efforts of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, and its various cognitive activities in organizing such scientific events that have the greatest impact on refining knowledge in the community, especially that the social field means all members of society. From marginalization to inclusion and empowerment .. As for Dr. Hanadi Obaid Al Suwaidi, Director of the Sharjah Center for Learning Difficulties, she discussed in her scientific paper; On "integrating the handicapped and those with learning difficulties and how they are reflected as part of the social capital," stressing that building and developing human capabilities is one of the most important issues that knowledge and information transformations impose to include all groups and classes. And educationally and economically, which contributes to changing the social situation of the handicapped and those with learning difficulties. Al Suwaidi touched; The efforts of the Emirate of Sharjah and its pioneering role in promoting the empowerment and integration of people with disabilities and providing them with the opportunity, from societal integration to their graduation from schools or rehabilitation centers, as well as providing them with the right to work to enable them to rely on themselves, which is part of social capital. Social development .. Topics of the hour, in turn, sees Professor Dr. Osama Abdel-Bari, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts for Postgraduate Studies and Research at Zagazig University in the Arab Republic of Egypt; The Eleventh Social Services Conference is of great importance in view of its relevance to a topic of great importance which is social capital and its relationship to social development, and this is one of the topics of the hour that has become more widespread due to the continuous and permanent need for the development process as well as the emergence of the concept of social capital on the field of diverse social sciences . Abdul Bari indicated; Through his paper that tries to study the relationship of the concept of social capital and the possibility of measuring it by focusing on monitoring the various difficulties of measurement and trying to take advantage of theoretical and methodological approaches to measure the developmental return of social capital, as well as to identify the methodological difficulties that face this; Given the complexity of the theoretical concept and its reliance on different criteria related to the human dimension on the one hand and cultural and social factors on the other hand, the national strategy and social communication .. Dr. Salah Musabeh Al Mazrouei, Editor-in-Chief of the Social Affairs Magazine, highlighted the importance of the national strategy for the development of social capital through social media, as social media platforms have great importance as well as their positive or negative aspects; That is why the United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries to develop a clear approach to benefit from the luminous aspects of social networking, while laws and legislation have been enacted to maintain the proper use of these methods, the last of which is the last legislation during the Corona virus crisis. Dr. Salah touched; To the importance of developing social capital through social media in order to achieve the goals of the UAE in developing societal capital, in addition to identifying the threats and challenges facing the state to maintain social capital and work to develop it, and achieving optimal use of social media through Creating and applying creative and innovative methods that contribute to achieving the national goals of developing social capital. Salah Al-Mazroui demanded; By setting up a mechanism to reach more social connectivity and communication and to preserve all the components of social capital in order to contribute more positively to achieving sustainable development, especially as government institutions benefit from many social media celebrities. The effect of licensing social professions on the development of social capital and during the presentation of its paper; On licensing social occupations and developing social capital; Kholoud Ahmed Al Nuaimi was confirmed; The Executive Director of Community Affairs, Department of Social Services, said that the conference is an ideal opportunity to present the mechanisms of social licensing, its importance and impact on society, explaining that the project for licensing the practice of social professions; It aims to organize the services of social professions through licensing the social sector and upgrading it to advanced levels of quality and safety, in a manner that guarantees the protection of individuals as well as the public interest of the community, in addition to monitoring the level of quality of the service provided and ensuring the presence of well-qualified professionals to deal with various social situations, which is what It will enhance the customer’s feeling of reassurance that they are in safe professional hands; Fully qualified to provide social services in accordance with the best standards and practices.