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“Intaj” exhibition for Eid al-Adha in “Al-Rahmaniyah”

The activities of the “Intaj” exhibition for Eid al-Adha will begin at the Rahmaniyah Center from 6-9 of this month, with the participation of 15 families from the “Intaj” Center affiliated with the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, with various products from different packages supported by the center, including the Elegance Package for Fashion and Beauty.

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"Sharjah Social Affairs" organizes an employment fair with "Human Resources" for those entitled to social security

On Thursday, the Vocational Support Program at the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, in cooperation with the Department of Human Resources in Sharjah, organized an employment meeting with Majid Al Futtaim Group for those seeking job opportunities for those eligible for social security who are members of the program, at the Holy Quran Complex.

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Organizing a religious lecture entitled “Four Sanctuaries” at the Sharjah Social Society, Al Madam branch

The Department of Social Services, Madam Branch, in cooperation with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs, organized a religious lecture entitled “Four Sanctuaries” last Monday, targeting female members who benefit from the department’s services, as well as female employees. The lecture was presented by the preacher Wadhaa Al-Sabousi, where we spoke

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“Learning Difficulties Strategy” workshop for social professionals

The Licensing and Social Work Development Department of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah organized the “Learning Disabilities Strategy” workshop, in cooperation with the Sharjah Center for Learning Disabilities in the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. The workshop, which was held on the 16th (remotely) and the 22nd (in-person), targeted...

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535 citizens receive home medical and psychological care in Khor Fakkan

The Director of the Social Services Department in the Khor Fakkan branch, Ahmed Nasser Al-Naqbi, stated that the Elderly Care Division in the department provides home care for 535 senior citizens, psychiatric patients, and people of determination, while 20 patients receive intensive home care due to the nature of their condition.

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Dar Al Aman at the Sharjah Social Society organizes activities for the benefit of 33 cases of inmates of the penal and correctional institution and their families

Dar Al Aman, affiliated with the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, held a series of targeted events for the benefit of 33 inmates from penal and correctional institutions in Sharjah, in addition to their families, as well as released inmates. These activities included: Targeted awareness examinations and lectures

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