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Renewal of the social activities permit


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  • It is a service available to the establishment in renewing the permit issued to the establishment to provide social activities in the emirate, after completing all the required documents.
  • private sector
  • local authority
  • Your website
  • 2 business days of order fulfillment

  • Executive Council Resolution No. (23) of 2022 regulating the work of social activities providers in the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Submit a permit renewal application through the department's website and attach the required documents.
  • Checking the application from the concerned employee after making sure that the required documents are complete.
  • Payment of permit renewal fees and fines, if any
  • Renewal and delivery of the permit document issued to the facility.

  • Log in to the website with the username and password of the establishment 
  • Submitting a permit renewal application with the necessary documents attached
  • Pay fees and fines, if any 

  • A copy of the applicant's ID 
  • A copy of the permit issued for the facility to provide social activities from the Department of Social Services 
  • A copy of a valid lease contract 
  • A copy of the facility license issued by the competent licensing authority. 
  • Any other documents required by the department.

  • The facility must be licensed
  • Fulfilling operating requirements for social activities 

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