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Modify the social activities permit data

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  • Follow up the order status
  • It is a service available to the establishment in amending the data of the permit issued to provide social activities to it in the emirate after completing all the required documents and papers, which is changing the data of the facility manager - changing the owner or partner's data - adding an activity or changing an activity - amending the facility's data 
  • private sector
  • Your website
  • 4 working days
  • Executive Council Resolution No. 23 of 2022 regulating the work of social activity providers in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Submitting a request to amend the permit data via the website prepared for that, along with the required documents and attachments.
  • Checking the application, the type of amendment required, and the documents attached to the application.
  • Pay the fee for amending the permit data and fines, if any, for the facility.
  • Amending the permit data issued to the facility.
  • Submission of the amended permit to the facility 
  • Log in to the website with the username and password of the establishment 
  • Submit a request to amend the data of the permit for social activities, accompanied by the necessary documents
  • Pay fees and fines, if any 

  • The commercial license amended by the competent licensing authority.
  • The facility must be licensed and effective
  • Fulfilling the operational requirements for social activities that need to be modified or added 
  • The residence of the manager, partner or owner must be valid for non-citizens

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