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Request a petition for the injured party

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A service is available for grievance by requesting reconsideration of the decision to grant assistance for damage to homes resulting from natural disasters, according to proof of the case from the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority. 

  • people (dealers)
  • Call Center 800700
  • Sharjah Digital Platform
  • 14 working days
  • Executive Council Resolution No. (28) of 2023 regarding granting aid to homeowners affected by natural disasters in the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Call the call center 800700.
  • Request service request petition.
  • The request arrives to the petitioning committee to study and decide on the request.
  • The result of the committee’s decision reaches the beneficiary.

  • Call the call center 800700
  • The affected person must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and hold a family record of the emirate.
  • The affected person must live in the residence that was damaged.
  • The damaged dwelling must be owned by the affected person, rented to him, or lived in by a relative.
  • Complete all documents required by the Sharjah Civil Defense Authority.
  • The damaged residence must be located within the borders of the emirate.
  • The damage must be the result of a natural disaster announced by the relevant competent authorities.

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