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  • It is a report that expresses an intensive analytical study of the person and his social, economic and living conditions and other aspects of the case study by collecting data and information from different sources and in many ways to reach recommendations and proposals and build an individual plan if necessary to overcome any problems the case faces and enhance its strengths.
  • The Emirati citizen (individual, family or group of children) who holds the nationality of the state and is registered in the Emirate of Sharjah and resides there permanently and does not receive social assistance from the Department of Social Services and faces difficult social conditions and needs to study the case to obtain a case study report that includes recommendations and supporting suggestions.
  • Your website
  • 45 working days from the date of completing the application and the required documents
  • Emiri Decree No. 5 of 1995 establishing the Department of Social Services
  1. The department receives requests for a case study through (a request) submitted by the same person, guardian or legal guardian by filling out the relevant application form on the department's website.
  2. The applicant is obligated to sign an acknowledgment of the validity of the data he provides, to submit supporting documents and the necessary pledges that indicate the validity of the data, and to allow the department and its representatives to study and update the social status, inquire about him, visit him at home, follow up periodically and renew his data.
  3. The applicant’s social status is studied in accordance with the principles of individual service in the social service, writing a social report and submitting recommendations and supporting proposals to the relevant committees.
  4. The competent committee decides on the proposals and recommendations.
  5. Inform the applicant of the result of the study so that he, in turn, follows up on the recommendations and proposals submitted to him.
  1. Submit an online application via the department's website
  2. Study the application and conduct social research
  3. Presenting the request, together with the recommendations, to the relevant committees for decision

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