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Presenting a social awareness program

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  • They are awareness, educational and development programs provided by the Department of Social Education to individuals and institutions, during the period of the convening of events and events, or at the institutions and interested parties.
  • All age groups (children + parents) + government agencies + institutions concerned with children
  • Through the department's website.
  • Through the smart application of the circle.
  • Through the headquarters of the department in Sharjah.
  • Each program has a different length of time, ranging from one hour to 4 hours per day.
  • Prepare the program in advance + administrative accreditation + coordination with the authorities and correspondence by the administration or receive a request to submit a program from one of the agencies or institutions + specifying the location, category and time period for implementation.
    + Executing the program in institutions and entities at the specified time.
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  1. The presence of a training bag for the trainer and the trainee
  • The collection of the service is carried out according to the competence of the administration and the department in providing social awareness programs

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