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Request for monthly social assistance

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  • A service that allows customers with low incomes, citizens of the Emirate of Sharjah, who have permanent residence in it, to request social assistance that guarantees them a decent and decent life.
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  • 30 working days from the date of completing the application and the required documents
  • Executive Council Resolution No. 3 of 2018 regarding the system of disbursing benefits and social assistance in the Emirate of Sharjah
  1. The department receives requests for social assistance as a monthly support through a (request) submitted by the person himself or his guardian or legal guardian to obtain the monthly social assistance by filling out the application form for that.
  2. The applicant is obligated to sign a declaration of the validity of the data he makes and he is obligated to submit the supporting documents and the necessary pledges that indicate the validity of the data and allow the department and its representatives to study and update the marital status, inquire about him, visit him at home, follow it up periodically and renew his data, and he must inform the department of any changes that affect his entitlement to social assistance within a period Not to exceed three months from the date of occurrence.
  3. The social status of the applicant shall be studied in accordance with the principles of the individual's service in social service, writing a social report, submitting a request for allocating social assistance to the competent committee, and attaching all supporting documents indicating the category covered by social support.
  4. The competent committee decides on requests for the allocation of social assistance and determines its value for applicants applying for social assistance in accordance with Executive Council Resolution No. 3 of 2018 based on the income criterion and the criterion of the number of dependents in the family in addition to the controls of the group covered by the support mentioned in this bylaw.
  5. Upon obtaining the approval of the relevant committee, the applicant will be informed of this to review the department to complete the procedures for issuing the bank card for social support.
  6. When the bank cards are issued by the concerned bank, they are delivered to the beneficiaries for activation.
  7. The department transfers the amounts of social assistance to the accounts of the beneficiaries through the concerned bank.
  1. Submit an electronic request or contact the call center 800700
  2. Study the application to ensure that the eligibility conditions are met
  3. Presenting the request to the committee for a decision 

To be eligible for social assistance, the following conditions must be met by the applicant or the beneficiary:

  • To hold the nationality of the country and register the Emirate of Sharjah (except for children of female citizens).
  • To be a permanent resident of the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Social research proves his entitlement to social assistance.
  • The total income of his family does not exceed the family income assumed in the Table of Decent Standard of Living No. (1) accompanying Executive Council Resolution No. 3 of 2018, and the wife's income is also included in the family income.
  • To be classified within the categories covered by social support included in this bylaw.
  • That he undertakes to provide the correct data and disclose the information required for the case study.
  • Prior approval of the procedures of social study and periodic social research carried out by the department and obtaining all information related to the requirements of social study at the competent authorities and sharing it with the parties requesting social study.
  • Pre-approval to coordinate social benefits with the competent authorities.
  • To acknowledge his responsibility to inform the department immediately of any developments or changes in all aspects that affect eligibility for social assistance.
  • In the event that the recipient of social assistance is multiple for wives, then each family is calculated separately, including the beneficiary, and the income is calculated for each family according to the merit line (each family is considered separately).

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