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Request to embrace a child without social care

  • Service details
  • Fill out the application form
  • Follow up the order status
  • It is to submit a request to embrace a child of unknown parentage or who has lost social care in order to take care of him in an alternative family for his proper social upbringing.
  • people (dealers)
  • The department's website
  • 14 working days
  • Federal Law No. 1 of 2012 regarding unknown parentage
  • Federal Law No. (3/2016) Concerning the Rights of the Child "Wadima"
  • Local Law No. 6 of 2020 on Social Welfare 
  • Emiri Decree establishing the Children's Social Care Home No. (37) of 2006
  1. Submit an application electronically
  2. Dealing with the application and completing the required documents
  3. Conduct a social study of the applicant by a social worker
  4. Submit the application to the Higher Committee for Children Deprived of Social Welfare for decision, either by approval, rejection or suspension
  5. Responding to the applicant with the committee’s decision
  1. sign in.
  2. Checking the Emirati identity registered in the department.
  3. Confirm the mobile phone number registered in the beneficiary file with the department.
  4. Receive the application for the statement via e-mail.

  • Emirates ID card

  • The advanced family must be a citizen with a family consensus
  • The family has a good financial income that can support the child and also have a good home
  • Age is required for unmarried citizenship, not to be under the age of 35

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