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The agenda

08:00:00 23/04/2018

The Ninth Social Work Conference

The Social Work Conference in its ninth edition for 2018, under the slogan "Social Service and Sustainable Development Goals", during the period from 23-24 April, at Al Qasimia University in the Emirate of Sharjah. The conference, which is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, Chairman of the Executive Council, aims to discuss the extent to which the role of social service is linked to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030, and to effecting change to achieve sustainable social development. The conference will also achieve a number of goals represented in creating an optimal environment to achieve creativity by offering renewable visions and keeping pace with global theses in sustainable development, in addition to creating opportunities for researchers and those interested in social service and social work, in addition to highlighting the role of social service in social security policies in order to achieve community patterns. Social welfare, as well as issues of building local and national partnerships between the government, private and civil sectors to achieve sustainable development. The conference, in its ninth session, in cooperation with strategic partners, came to address the role of social service in the executive context of the sustainable development goals, where the philosophy of sustainable development has always represented an approach and a forward-looking vision for the United Arab Emirates. The second day of the conference includes 23 intensive practical workshops organized in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education and Community Service of the University of Sharjah, in order to provide participants with cognitive and development skills to build their professional capabilities and achieve sustainable development.

Al Qasimia University

09:00:00 06/11/2019

Brainstorming session (step) Eastern Region

To educate productive families about the need to open home credit licenses and the mechanism of increasing monthly income

Eastern Region

16:00:00 01/12/2020

Participation in the Dibba Al-Hisn Heritage Event


Social Services Department

08:30:00 20/02/2020

Promoting professional practice in social work

A lecture for social workers in the Emirate of Sharjah aims to promote professional practice in the social field

Sheraton Hotel - Sharjah

00:00:00 01/05/2021

1- Congratulating him on behalf of the employee on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr 2- Publishing a discount for employees 3- Visiting a teacher or an event for staff in the administration

A group of activities (motivational - social - relationships - health and sports - entertainment - discounts - national) provided to all department employees on a monthly basis.

Department of Social Services

08:00:00 17/11/2021

Safe housing campaign

A campaign that aims to spread and enhance awareness among community members of the home safety of dwelling residents of the elderly, disabled, and children categories, and to educate the public about the need to take advantage of the most important points of home safety.


08:00:00 21/12/2021

"My Family Document" to raise awareness of children's rights

Awareness of the child of his rights, obligations and duties in a society in which the values ​​of justice, equality, tolerance and moderation prevail.


08:00:00 15/09/2021

Camp "Harvest" 17

This camp is organized by the Department of Community Cohesion of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, which seeks to attract and motivate volunteer children to instill the values ​​of volunteer work in them. Output: Attracting 200 volunteers, offering 12 volunteer values


10:00:00 04/05/2018

Seniors Journey

Implementation of a trip for the elderly and those affiliated with social care homes for a trip outside the country - Baku, Azerbaijan


16:00:00 14/12/2018

Suburbs and Villages Festival

Instilling Values ​​- Educating - Salem and Salameh Theater Competitions Participation of Film Production Center Members - Video

Gardens approved for the festival

08:00:00 01/08/2019

Child Protection Symposium "Between Legislation and Application"

Introducing the basic rights of the child in the Wadeema Law and other laws in the United Arab Emirates. Making procedures and measures in the Child Rights Protection Department in the Social Services Department. Discussing mechanisms and maps for responding to reports of violence or abuse in the partner agencies in the child protection umbrella.

Police Sciences Academy

09:00:00 29/03/2020

Camp "Hassad" 13

This camp is organized by the Department of Community Cohesion of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, which seeks to attract and motivate volunteer children to instill the values ​​of volunteer work in them.

Social Services Department

10:00:00 08/02/2020

Emirates innovates

Providing innovative services to the department and displaying them at the exhibition where the CHAT BOT program will be displayed

Sharjah Book Authority

08:00:00 07/04/2021

Twelfth Social Work Conference

The conference contains training courses and workshops to learn about ways to develop the social work profession Output: Targeting the largest segment of the general public Participation of the largest number of institutions concerned with social work


16:00:00 05/12/2021

The Ninth Hamriyah Festival for Children

It is a festival organized by the department in the heritage village in the city of Hamriyah in the Emirate of Sharjah. It is one of the department's programs that seek to promote the integration of children with each other and involve them in these community events and activities. The event is launched in conjunction with the school holiday. For children to invest their free time in what is useful, and to instill a love of volunteer work in them. Output: The participation of 10 production families The participation of volunteers in the organization The participation of institutions The participation of 10 educational participation in awareness and educational workshops


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